#250 - Finally, got myself a new bookshelf after two years. It looks fewer now that I’ve more space. Am reserving the upper deck for more dolls. Yes, dolls. 

#249 - Paparazzi shot of The Bourne Legacy equipment. Saw both Jeremy and Rachel (yes, first name basis) while they’re shooting their scene, crossing the Quirino Ave and Leveriza St. intersection. Since cameras weren’t allowed, we brought a telescope straight from the UFL game. No kidding. Waiting behind the barricades for an hour and despite looking like a wide-eyed bystander was worth it. 

In all fairness, the crew seemed friendly. Those nosy street kids running around didn’t look like they were pestering the foreigners for money. They were content greeting them and high-fiving them. Kibitzers seemed behave enough too. There were stories here and there from people who lived in those houses where the filming was taking place, although there were also some complaints. I heard the lady who owned the house they were using said, she doesn’t mind at all. Besides, how often do you see major Hollywood productions with their huge set lights, giant camera cranes and elaborate sets all over the same street you’ve passed by for a zillion times in your life? Nothing to say about it but surreal. I’m not sure about local movies but the way they prepared everything, from lining up the extras to rooftop cameras to the props and sophisticated film equipment, it was just fascinating, especially for a movie buff and frustrated director like me.

I don’t know how this movie is gonna end up, or how it’s gonna portray Manila in general or if there would be a Claire Danes-ish moment. If a minor neighborhood can get this chaotic, I can only wonder what it’ll be like when they take all this to EDSA and Ayala. 

#248 - Free admission on UFL Opening. The perks of having a relative’s house near RMS, going to football games is a breeze. I saw a couple of Azkals, most notable was newly signed Global FC player, Rob Gier. He passed right in front of me. I was too much of a wimp to ask for a photo with him. I was scared to get rejected actually haha. Plus I looked like a smelly mess next to him. Oh well, maybe next time. 

#247 - It’s a windy Christmas morning. For what it’s worth, I offer my Christmas wishes to those affected by Sendong. It may not mean much but I know they definitely need it more than I do. 

#246 - These Christmas chores I don’t mind doing at all: It’s the wrapped presents vs the unwrapped. I have two days left. *rolls up imaginary sleeves*

#245 - One half of the Misa de Gallo staple: the Puto Bumbong. Satisfying early morning cravings since the Spanish colonial period. 

The LA Galaxy bus leaving the stadium: pandemonium in 10 seconds: the cameras flashes and all the screaming and yelling… and I’m not even one of them haha! 

Azkals oval walk as they passed by the green bleachers side. I think I yelled my fangirl heart out to Chris Greatwich and Chieffy haha. Not ashamed at all.

#244 - Christmas in our house starts today! To get even more into the holiday spirit, I am playing Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas” as I write this.

*singing* …

All the lights are shining 
So brightly everywhere 
And the sound of children’s 
Laughter fills the air 
And everyone is singing 
I hear those sleigh bells ringing…  

#243 - As in impromptu office Thanksgiving/Black Friday/early Christmas party. I knew there was some event but I was still apparently out of the mailing list so I didn’t really prepare anything and no idea at all that we were supposed to glam up. They profusely apologized naman for the non-inclusion so a bit of thanks to the generous people who lent me some of their stuff on such short notice. 

Too bad I didn’t get the LCD flat screen or the microwave oven, not even the consolation prize of the chocolate or the hand sanitizer. No such luck at raffles talaga. It was fun though, and I don’t think I can ever say this but I kinda miss the old office parties, sans the speeches. :p